Türkaylar Textiles initiated its operations in the field of cotton weaving in 1976, founded by Turhan Türkay. With a diligent and determined approach, the company started yarn production with two carding machines in the early 1990s, making its entrance into the wool yarn (Strayhgarn) production sector. Upon completing its incorporation process in 1996, the company strengthened its corporate identity and underwent a significant transformation in 2011, focusing on the production of regenerated yarn. Türkaylar Textiles is committed to enhancing its brand recognition, strengthening its corporate structure, and consistently evolving by closely following technological advancements.

Acting with a sustainable environmental consciousness, the company meets its electricity needs using green energy derived from solar power. Textile waste is meticulously processed and reintroduced to the fashion industry. Adopting a sustainable environmental approach, Türkaylar Textiles is a robust establishment contributing directly to a livable world and an effective environmental management system by focusing on recycling practices.

In 2021, Türkaylar Textiles introduced an innovative vision to its production processes and incorporated cutting-edge machinery that enables fully automatic and error-free production, leveraging the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0 technology. From raw material intake to final yarn production, all processes are managed in a planned and sustainable manner, aiming to produce the best products every time. Türkaylar Textiles, envisioning the future from today and adapting to continuous change, regularly updates its machinery park while maintaining its deep-rooted position in the sector.