Türkaylar Textiles places paramount importance on environmental values throughout the process, from energy input to the final product output. Our company’s environmental policy is focused on sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Energy Efficiency: Türkaylar Textiles opts for renewable and clean energy sources like Solar Energy (GES) and natural gas for its energy consumption. Through machines compatible with Industry 4.0, we conduct production with low energy consumption, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint.

Certification: With a structure compliant with international standards, Türkaylar Textiles holds the Global Recycled Standards (GRS) certification. This certification attests and verifies that our products are produced in accordance with global environmental standards.

Waste Management: Our company effectively manages waste through the Air Condition system. The waste generated during the production process is recycled and reintroduced as raw material for the manufacturing of other textile products. We also segregate domestic waste, integrating it into the local government waste system, thus contributing to an environmentally friendly waste management system.

Sustainable Production: Türkaylar Textiles respects the environment in all its production activities and takes responsibility for preserving natural resources. Operating within a framework of sustainable production, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and adopt green production practices.

With these policies, Türkaylar Textiles commits to environmental protection principles, establishing a sustainable business model and operating as a company sensitive to environmental concerns.