Türkaylar Textiles operates within its 10,000 square meters of integrated production facilities, adhering to the contemporary industrial standards for efficient and sustainable production. The company specializes in the production of regenerated yarns ranging from Ne6 to Ne30, boasting a monthly capacity of 400 tons. Regenerated yarns, utilized in the production of various textile products, are recycled or reprocessed yarns. As a prominent name in this field, Türkaylar Textiles places significant emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly production practices.

Fifty percent of the company’s monthly production is exported to international markets, making Türkaylar Textiles’ quality and reliable products recognized and preferred worldwide. The firm, producing in compliance with international standards, offers innovative and sustainable solutions to the global textile industry.

With a production strategy based on technology and innovation, Türkaylar Textiles aims for a leading position in the regenerated yarn sector, committing to provide products of the highest quality to its customers. As one of the pioneering companies in this field in Turkey, Türkaylar Textiles maintains its operations with a focus on customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, and enhancement in its approach to business.